Terms & Conditions

FEES are payable at a minimum rate of THB 100 on all tickets, being the local standard charge. Extra fees will be incurred where you have booked with an airline which no longer believes in paying agents for working with the. These can vary from 500 baht for a local ticket to 1500 for a longhaul one but we will advise you of a total cost including all taxes and fees.

In some instances the extras charged by airlines for Fuel, Insurance, security and for the UK APD EXCEED the actual fare level. We also charge for re-issues, refunds and any additional services such as bank charges levied on us.

Our NEXTPAY online credit card secure payment service for Visa and Mastercard is charged at 3.75%

Thai Banks are now requiring the cardholder and the passenger to be one and the same if a card is being swiped (at our ticket office for 1.75%) so it is more convenient to use the Online Payment Method

For all bookings you will received by email the proposed itinerary and price, once accepted then an invoice will follow and once payment is made by the date/method agreed we will immediately issue the electronic ticket.