Service Charges

Where we receive "sensible" commissions from airlines, 5% or above, we do not charge any service fee. On carriers who pay 2% or 3 % we are forced to charge a little extra, and on those who pay ZERO percent we will charge THB 1,000 on Economy and THB 2,000 on business class. On low cost carriers like Nok Air and Air Asia we will charge THB 300 per passenger for domestic flights and THB 500 for international flights. The fee will be included in our final quoted price to you.

Ticketing Fee

THB 100 will automatically be added to each ticket as this fee is charged by our supplier. We purchase almost all tickets from Thailand's leading supplier and your booking and indeed funds are safe with us because we are financially bonded with them by Bank Guarantee.


The value of a refund is dependent on the ticket type. Some are NOT REFUNDABLE and we will advise this at the time of booking.
Otherwsie the fee is normally THB 3,000 to THB 5,000 but be aware Thailand refunds WILL take 3 months.

Complaint Procedures

If we make a mistake we pay for it! It is our duty of care to advise you on the best type of ticket for your needs and the associated conditions of change or refund.
If you feel you have been let down then please advise us on who will resolve the situation as best he can.
Please note that airlines do NOT now refund fuel surcharges on an unused ticket which we find ridiculous but this is out of our control.